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Gentle Catharsis

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I'm so excited to share this interview I've been working on with Chris Jalufka for Evil Tender it's honestly one of the best interviews I've ever done (or at least the questions were the best and I did my best to answer them!) and it feels really special as I've tried to be really open and honest, not an easy thing for a shy soul, and really express how my life and my journey as an artist have been so far, as well as covering the recent Silent Aviary show and membership with The Vacvvm and what that means to me. I've popped the link to the interview below if anyone would like to take a look at it.

The Gentle Catharsis of Vanessa Foley

Minnesota Killing Season

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These above images are my recent series 'Minnesota Killing Season' that I've recently completed and exhibited at the Silent Aviary show with The VACVVM

My series of graphite pieces for the show I focused on the dark and deadly side of nature and paired each of my native minnesotan raptors with deadly plants, they were almost as much fun to research as the birds themselves and I spent many happy hours looking up poison plants and their effects (I'm certain I'll be on some sort of government watch list for my browsing history now!)





The Silent Aviary

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It seems like a long time I've been keeping this under my hat, but I'm thrilled to finally announce an incredibly exciting show I'm in with The VACVVM in September. This is a two person show with Teagan White and myself both exhibiting our series of native Minnesotan Birds, there will also be a whole host of work by many other incredible artists all paying tribute to the awesome Aves of the North Star State.

Its a one night only show and any and all will be warmly welcomed to the new gallery space of The Vacvvm, both myself and Teagan will be in attendance and very much looking forward to meeting any who can make it!

(Very) Belated News: Vacvvm Release

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The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind work wise and once again I hang my head in shame at my inability to keep this News section of my website anywhere near to up to date, especially since there have been so many incredible announcements, shows and projects that I've been super excited to share! 

So in an effort to address this I'll be doing a few posts over the next few weeks looking back at some happenings of 2016 so far, I shall keep my chatter to a minimum (yeah, I don't think even I believe that!) and attempt to let the birds do the squawking :)

 First up is the highlight of my year, I think it will be the highlight of many years to come, I had the honour to work alongside The Vacvvm as a guest artist! The release consisted of beautiful quality limited edition prints, gorgeously done by the talented folks at Static Medium , original drawings, a pin and a patch. 

It was a dream come true for me to work alongside such a talented group as THE VACVVM and the release went down better than I ever could have imagined. I've popped a couple of images below and I hope you like the pieces we chose to release as prints as well as the originals and the little extras too!

As ever thank you all so much for your continued and greatly appreciated support!

Lapis, Papel, O Tijera (Pencil, Paper, Scissors) Group Show

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Although I absolutely love and feel so privileged to be able to show my work at galleries around the world, I still feel a little sadness in my heart that I am so often unable to attend in person. So I was absolutely thrilled when Vicente from the Plastic Murs Gallery in Valencia, Spain passed on these beautiful photos of the opening night, and I am so happy to share a selection of them with you :)

Theres also a lovely article on the hifructose website covering the show, with a little more information about some of the artists involved as well as some large images of the artwork. I've popped the link below if anyone would like to take a look!


This show is running until 4th of March and a list of available works can be found here