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Originals: Fine Art Show at Mondo Gallery

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I'm absolutely honoured and giddy with delight to be included in the upcoming 'Originals, Fine Art Show' at Mondo Gallery. This promises to be an incredible show with an amazing line up of artists all producing original works of art with complete artistic freedom. 

I've posted the show flyer below with the full details, its intimidating to say the very least and I'm only thankful I was unaware of who I would be showing alongside until I had completed my piece! I do an awesome "rabbit in the headlights" impression when under that kind of pressure.

My piece for the show is titled 'The One you Feed' inspired by the parable of the two wolves, it marks the start of a new body of work revolving around fables, parables and myths (some existing, some from my feverish brain) I'm embarking on. The paintings and drawings I've previously created in this way, most often for the Unnatural Histories shows at Antler Gallery, have been the most satisfying as an artist and have resonated most deeply with others. This feeling of connection, both to myself and others, through my work is something precious to me and I can't wait to get started!