Vanessa Foley, artist

New Skis!

vanessa foleyComment


Not mine of course, I think that if I attempted to ski there would be broken limbs aplenty, but they do have my artwork on them! 

I was contacted last year by K2 to work with me on a pair of their Missconduct skis, they were very interested in my owl pieces, I was honoured to say the very least and somehow managed not to ask "are you sure?". Over the next month or so I had the privilege of working with a very talented graphics manager at K2 and between us we came up with these incredible skis.

This is a great example of when collaborative artwork goes REALLY well and its incredibly exciting for me to see my work interpreted in such a colourful and exciting way. Over the past year I have had some wonderful experiences and this, along with seeing them being ridden by Yuki Tsubota at the Winter Olympics, will rate very highly among them.



They are now available to purchase at your nearest K2 stockist, or online at K2 Skis