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Golden Wings

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Oh soul,
you worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
Of anything less,
why do you worry?
You are in truth
the soul, of the soul, of the soul.



This most recent oil painting of mine was created for the Bestowed Upon Us group show at Alexi Era Gallery The show was a beautiful and inspirational one all about meaningful gifts we may have given or received. The most memorable of these are often gifts that cannot be seen, bought or sold such as hope, peace, encouragement and love. 

My painting Golden Wings turned out to be a very personal piece, its actually the most personal painting I've ever created, so it was a very emotional journey but rewarding and cathartic at  the same time. The piece combines elements that signify freedom and the things lost as a result of that, as well as a celebration of the strength to make changes and the great rewards that come from trusting our own 'wings'

This painting will forever be dear to me.


Originals: Fine Art Show at Mondo Gallery

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I'm absolutely honoured and giddy with delight to be included in the upcoming 'Originals, Fine Art Show' at Mondo Gallery. This promises to be an incredible show with an amazing line up of artists all producing original works of art with complete artistic freedom. 

I've posted the show flyer below with the full details, its intimidating to say the very least and I'm only thankful I was unaware of who I would be showing alongside until I had completed my piece! I do an awesome "rabbit in the headlights" impression when under that kind of pressure.

My piece for the show is titled 'The One you Feed' inspired by the parable of the two wolves, it marks the start of a new body of work revolving around fables, parables and myths (some existing, some from my feverish brain) I'm embarking on. The paintings and drawings I've previously created in this way, most often for the Unnatural Histories shows at Antler Gallery, have been the most satisfying as an artist and have resonated most deeply with others. This feeling of connection, both to myself and others, through my work is something precious to me and I can't wait to get started!

Instagram Update!

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As I'm constantly (and painfully) kicking my own bottom for not updating this blog as regularly as I should, I have decided to pop occasional updates from my instagram site on here!

I post on Instagram regularly and I think it gives a far more honest look at the day to day process of my life as an artist than just the image of a new piece every few weeks. So along with the drawings and paintings heading to gallery shows I'd love to share with you some smaller projects, inspirations and experiments!

First up are these little original paintings! I will be making several available (a few more of these watercolour and gouache and some little oil paintings too) on my store in a couple of weeks time, with 10% of sales going to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust


Unnatural Histories IV Preview!

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Its that time again for on of my favourite group shows of the year, the Unnatural Histories show at Antler Gallery (sept 24th-oct 26th) The show is now in its fourth year with yet another amazing line up!

I'll post more details of my piece nearer the time along with the fable I'm writing to go along with it, but until then I'm thrilled to leave you with an article on the HiFructose site previewing many of the artists work for the show (link Below)





Foliage Show at Flower Pepper Gallery

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FP Foliage Postcard Back.jpg

These two very thoughtful looking Loggerhead Shrikes are currently on exhibition at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena for their Foliage Show, running from Sept 5th-Oct 6th. All of the artists have looked to the wonderful natural world to provide inspiration for their work, but each have depicted these elements in their own unique way.

My two pieces have already pre-sold to a very lovely collector (the terrified artist inside of me can breathe a sigh of relief!) but there are still a few incredible pieces available in the show. I've put the link below if anyone would like to have a little peek at the exhibition.

Foliage Exhibition